Products Currently Offered:

Bella Canvas Premium Unisex Shirt
Gildan 64000 Unisex Shirt
Bella Canvas 3480 Unisex Tank
Bella Canvas 8450 V-neck
Rabbit Skins 4400 Baby Onesie
Enhanced Matte Paper Poster (Vertical and Horizontal)


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FULLY automate your Printful & Etsy uploads with Printsy.

  • Fully automate your Printful to Etsy uploads.
  • Will also upload to any Shopify store you have connected to Printful!
  • Also uploads to eBay, TicTail, StoreEnvy, & Amazon Seller Central through Printful!
  • Set it and forget it technology.
  • Works on Windows Based PC’s only (If you are on a Mac run it on Parallels).
  • Rotating tags creates a bigger online footprint for your products.
  • Store and instantly recall your campaign settings by niche or store.
  • Easily control the upload speed and typing speed.
  • Upload from your desktop, Dropbox or any online folder.



Michael Schock – Printsy has been extremely helpful so far. I’ve made 4 or 5 sales on Etsy since I started using Printsy and I have a ton more to upload. I had pretty much given up on Printful before since uploading was so tedious haha.

Jeremy Voges – Printsy is a perfect tool that helps me save time allowing me to spend time on more important tasks for your business. The saying goes, time is money and Printsy has been a great time saver for us, thank you Printsy! I highly recommend it for anyone serious about growing their POD business



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